Monday, November 14, 2011

Mmmm Spleen!

Here's another assignment done! There are revised versions of previous assignments that i'll be posting a bit later.

Anyway, here's my lipsync assignment. The voice isn't really an ideal one for Muffy, but i thought the line suit him best :) Enjoy!


  1. Hi there. I've been in a couple of animation classes with you and right now I'm in Latour's class for char anm 3 (which brought me here) and Char Dev in Anim w/ Vickner (which I also see posted here). I was curious if you could provide any insight into what to expect coming up in those classes that you think would have been good to know in advance?

    1. Hey Kelsey! I'm sorry for the huge dlay in getting back to you, but I hope you're enjoying your classes so far.

      For Character Dev its a good idea to have a soild personailty for your character in mind. It'll help with most, if not all, your assignments!

      For character 3, its good to have video referance for most of the assignments. I did the creature and lip sync assignment. :)

      Hope your semester is treating you well so far!